Tech Savy Teachers

For my inquiry/service learning project this quarter I created a website called Tech Savy Teachers. This website is a curation of some of the useful tech resources I have discovered through this course as well as through some of my own research. All of the resources presented have a K-1 teacher in mind. I have always felt that in my school and district technology is embraced however many of the resources given to use are catered to the older grades. Cutting out the time for my colleagues and doing the research for all of us was another goal. I am hoping this web page could be built upon as we discover more as a team.


2 thoughts on “Tech Savy Teachers”

  1. Really nice work here, and super organized. My main suggestion is to just go a bit further in your reviews, perhaps thinking in terms of SAMR. I understand that these are all platforms that you recommend. It could be really valuable to colleagues to know more about their relative value for supporting learning. Nudging a bit further from description to evaluation could be very helpful for teachers wanting clear places to start.

    I hope that this gets put to use!


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