Scratch Jr. 

Scratch Jr. is an extension that can be downloaded on Chrome that introduces students to introductory code programming skills. They will be able to create their own stories and games and with some teaching they could be using it pretty quickly.

Primo Toys- Cubetto

Primo Toys is the company that makes the Cubetto recently purchased for our classrooms. Their website provides some introductory lessons for introducing not only coding but coding with Cubetto.

Bot Logic

Bot Logic is a game with levels in which students who have already gained some knowledge of coding. They must code through a “maze” to get to the bot.  The levels increase in difficulty however the layout and buttons needed remain simple and easy for a young child to use. This site also allows teacher to have a class code so monitoring can take place by the teacher. provides K-12 computer science curriculum fro educators to use with their students. It is simple and easy to sign up. This resource is highly encouraged in the Edmonds School District and there are often training’s that you can participate in.