Book Creator

Book creator is a chrome supported resource for creating, sharing, and reading books. It’s very simplistic features make it easy to teach young learners how to create books out of their own stories.


Epic provides instant free access to thousands of ebooks, learning videos, and quizzes. Educators and librarians can sign up for free and have the ability to narrow down books into categories specific to their classes learning. Students then access ebooks of your choosing or to their liking. Students can also have some stories read to them or they can read them on their own. Another great bonus to this site is that many of the books are quite popular and contain high interest well known characters students will recognize.

ABC-YA! Animate

ABC-YA Animate is on a grade leveled educational gaming site ABC-YA. Animate is one of the features included on the site and appears as a game. However, this feature allows students to create an animated story that is created through frames. Students are able to draw, use clip art style images within the program to create a story. With simple instruction and guidance young students can easily begin doing this on their own.

Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach your monster to read is a computer reading program that is free if used on the computer. The program covers 2 years in the reading journey starting at pre-kindergarten through year 1 of kindergarten. It is meant to be used weekly for just 20 minutes which still allows a lot of time for your students to use other resources. It is highly engaging as it tells a story and stops to have the students complete tasks in a game setting.

Toony Tool

Toony Tool is a free web based site that allows students to make their own cartoons, posters, and comics. There many back grounds to choose from and the layout is very simple and easy to use. Students would be able to print these share them as needed.


Edpuzzle is a resource for educators that allows them to choose a video they are showing to their class and allows them to add in comprehension check ins throughout the video. It allows the teacher to see what specific parts their students are understanding or misunderstanding.