Toy Theater

Toy theater is a virtual manipulative resource that contains math manipulatives such as pattern blocks, counting bears, timers, and much more. They are easy to use and there is not a lot on the page to distract from the task. Toy Theater also has some areas categorized by subject that contain even more tools, games, and resources.

Glenco- McGraw Hill Education

This is another virtual manipulative resource however unlike Toy Theater this resource allows students to select their grade and then developmentally age appropriate tools are filtered to use. They can not only use manipulatives but they are able to select a back ground such as a story board, work mat, or game board. This makes it a great tool for problem solving.


Padlet is another free web based tool that we often see see used in professional development meetings.  It almost acts like a bulletin board and students can contribute answers and thoughts anonymously or with their name. It is fairly easy to use with some instruction and guidance for young ones. This tool can be great in all subject areas but I do think it could be used very well for problem solving in math.